SurfinDaddy Expo Product Review

Welcome to 2010!  Time for another round up of the news from SurfExpo 2010 in Orlando! 

Surfindaddy & Kay (cee) dropped in on Saturday, the last day for the show  - January 16, 2010.  Each year it seems there is an overriding theme – but sometimes trends stick for a while, and so it is this year – the big news is still all about the SUP – Stand Up Paddleboards!   The thing Surfindaddy really likes about SUPs is that fact that when there is no surf, you can still have fun and get some exercise!   One can explore the intra-coastal waterways, check out the local whitewater (if you have some near you) or fishing areas you just can’t get to any other way.  We saw SUPs by all the major manufacturers and the prices are coming down.


This year, there was even a pool set up in the Convention Center so that those who wished to do so could give it a try – first hand.  Surfindaddy would almost assuredly have given it a shot had we had more time to spend, but we knew we had a lot of ground to cover!....