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About Surf-Grip l Sick Performance Concepts, San Diego California


Sick Performance Concepts, LLC





Sick Performance Concepts, LLC promotes fitness and respect for the ocean environment while delivering products that help beach goers enjoy the power and beauty of the ocean.


The Birth of Surf-Grip...

It all started with an idea, a love for the ocean, and a Sick last name.

After toying around, the prototype which began as pool-noodle/trashcan lid combo came to life and the Surf-Grip was born in San Diego, CA.

The Surf-Grip is a foam paddle with a handle that beach-goers can use while riding waves to increase buoyancy and get that loooonnng ride!

Surf-Grip beach

 Surf-Grip Inventor Michael Sick talks about 9000 days of water homage in this essay.

Under Water Hockey



Surf-Grip, a New Innovation in Body Surfing