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How to Body Surf l Surf-Grip


Grab your Surf-Grip.


Grab the handle inside the Surf-Grip and get ready to catch some waves.

No board rashes or leashes to get tangled up in.

No need to wear a rash guard--but throw on your wetsuit if the water is cold. In deeper water or weaker waves you may want to use fins. 

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Wedge - One Hand

Walk or swim out to the waves.

In shallow water, use the paddle to help walk out to where waves are breaking.

You can dive under waves while holding your Surf-Grip body surfing hand plane.

Catch more rides - back up to catch the sweet spot!

Ride some waves.

Dive towards the shore as the wave starts to break. Kick your feet until you are in the sweet spot and riding the wave.  In deeper water, you will want some fins.

Enjoy the ocean and keep it clean.

Read our idea about how to recycle more plastic and keep it out of the waterways and the ocean.



Sandys March 2012
Surf-Grip, a New Innovation in Body Surfing