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Testimonials l Surf-Grip Stories


" was a lot of fun, it makes it soo easy to stay above the water while bodysurfing. It's sweet--you can get really long rides without that excess water up your nose."

--Eric: Long Beach, CA







"It worked even better than I thought it would. I got a lot of nice rides."

--Joshua: Cocoa Beach, FL



"The Surf-Grip is pretty much amazing! helped me float in the ocean and catch the surf. The water kinda comes in the back and pushes while the foam helps you float in front and on top of the breaking wave. Really fun to use, great for kids and adults."

--Jeff: San Luis Obispo, CA



"The Surf-Grips are super fun and when people see me using them they always ask where they can get a pair"

--Fuzzy: Hawaii

"Something fun, even when the surf is small or mushy."

--Paul: Jacksonville, FL



"These are SICK! I caught more waves than the surfers."

--John: Juno Beach, FL



"I rode down the face of the wave, it was so sweet!"

--Matt: Costa Mesa, CA



"People ask me if they are beach boxing gloves, and then they see me tearing it up in the water--they are amazed."

--Ted: Del Mar, CA


"It's a simple concept, a bouyant planing surface to ride the wave--but it's fun. I don't have a fortune to spend on gear, so this is perfect."

--Dean: Poway, CA


"Used to steal trays from fast food joints and body surf, this is way better, why didn't I invent this?!"

-- Tom: Huntington Beach, CA








We've done beach demos at beaches all over the southern California coast, New Jersey shores, and eastern Florida coast. People always ask, "what are those things & where can I get them?" Here are a few testimonials of people who have used Surf-Grips. If you have a Surf-Grip story we'd love to hear it. Send us your photos too! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Wedge - One Hand

Sandys March 2012


Fuzzy cropped


sandy beach surf-grip








Surf-Grip, a New Innovation in Body Surfing